Criminals beware:

you kick the hive,

you answer to the queen.


Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories is a noir series of books that follows the cases, friends, and colleagues of private investigator Mercedes Masterson that takes place in or around the fictional city of Babylon. Mercedes is a former Babylon Police detective and State Bureau of Investigations agent who goes into the private sector after a decade of fighting police corruption and organized crime.

The series addresses issues such as racism, police corruption, organized crime, and domestic terrorism. The books also include mental health, LGBTQ, and racial minority representation.

The Books

Sweet Sixteen Killer by Nathan Weaver

Sweet Sixteen Killer

The first book introduces us to Mercedes Masterson just as she’s quitting her job as an agent with the State Bureau of Investigations to start her own private investigative firm. Also at that moment, a serial killer starts up his career.

Meet Mercedes Masterson: A private investigator who marches to the beat of her own grim drummer. She is hard nosed, keen eyed, and doesn’t take crap from anyone, except her own personal demons.

Sweet Sixteen Killer by Nathan Weaver

Jonah of Olympic

Coming Soon

Agent Dean Ekron of the State Bureau has a growing list of missing persons on his desk. One of those missing persons is black woman Jonah Keshandra Buckham. Jonah’s husband Charlie is desperate and as he dries up his last resources, he hires Mercedes Masterson to find his loving wife. Soon after things go sideways.

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